Tayupan Falls, Calinan

Tayupan Falls, Sicao

One of our favorite trekking spots is at Sicao Village in Calinan, Davao City. The area offers a lot of mountain climbing, river trekkings, and mostly chasing waterfalls activities. One of our favorites is the Sicao Falls exploration. 

Green Mountain View

Green Mountain View, Davao City

If you are looking for a new spot to jog or run with a view, better make your way to Green Mountain View located at Brgy. Waan, Buhangin, Davao City. 

Kanaan Ridge

 Kanaan Ridge, Samal Island

One of the newest attraction in Samal Island is the Kanaan Ridge located at Brgy. Kaputian. 
Travel time would be around 1 hour from Babak wharf. 

Quimasog Falls

Quimasog Falls, Marilog 

As a side trip of our Yellow Peak, Camping Above The Clouds adventure, we were able to explore the beauty of one of the main falls in Buda - Quimasog Falls in Marilog District.

Yellow Peak, Marilog

Yellow Peak: Camping Above The Clouds

Who says you need to go far just to experience sea of clouds? Much more - camping above the clouds! Just an hour away from the busy city of Davao is Marilog, Buda. If you are from Davao, one thing that comes to your mind when we say Buda is "sea of clouds". There are a lot of resorts in Buda which offers you a sea of clouds view. But so far, this is the only area in which you can camp just right above the clouds.

Whang-Od, Buscalan

Got Inked By Whang-Od!

We got our first tattoo by the age of 30 from the oldest tattoo artist Apo Whang-od. 
Still very lively even at age 103! 

Mt. Ulap

Mt. Ulap 3-Peaks Traverse

To recover after our Mt. Amuyao climb, we opted to try a minor hike while we're in Luzon. As Mindanao-based mountaineers, we have heard a lot of Mt. Ulap. It is 1864 masl, higher than the ever famous 1040 masl Mt. Loay of Sta. Cruz, but easier compared to the latter. 

Mt. Amuyao (Barlig Backtrail)

Mt. Amuyao, Mountain Province

Standing at 2,702 masl, Mt. Amuyao, is the 10th highest mountain in the Philippines. It is a very challenging mountain, and is very popular among mountaineers.
But since the summit has two transmitters - PT&T and ABS-CBN, the access to the mountain has been made easy, with stairways all the way to the top. As some may call it - Stairways to Heaven.

Merlina Marine Resort, Samal Island

Merlina Marine Resort, Samal Island

Instead of doing the usual Canibad trail from Mt. Puting Bato, Wing and I decided to do a traverse to this new resort in Samal Island - Merlina Marine, located at Aundanao. 

Mt. Puting Bato Traverse To Merlina, Samal Island

Mt. Puting Bato via Guilon to Tayapoc Trail, Samal Island

Mt. Puting Bato at Samal Island is still one of the best training ground for new climbers. Its trail is easy and short - 1-2 hours uphill. Plus it gives you a very good 360 degrees view of Samal Island and the 3 provinces of Davao - Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, and Davao de Oro. What climbers usually do to have a better experience during the climb is they do a traverse to Canibad, a well-known resort at the back-end part of Samal Island. 

When a friend of ours posted a picture of a new resort in Samal Island - Merlina Marine Resort, located at the other end of Canibad, Wing and I planned of exploring it. However, instead of going directly to the resort, we opt to do a highlands-to-island adventure by climbing Mt. Puting Bato traversing to the new resort.

Mini Asik-Asik Falls, Davao City

Basic Mountaineering Course + Mini Asik-Asik Falls, Davao City

As our yearly tradition for our Baby Errah's birthday, instead of having a bonggacious party, we instead travel. We let her be one with nature. We wanted to make sure that on an early age, she will see the beauty of it and experience how to be one with it. 
On her 7th birthday, we let her joined a Basic Mountaineering Course at Sicao Village, Calinan, Davao City. 

Dayhike: Mt. Kalatungan

Mt. Kalatungan Dayhike, 5th highest mountain of the Philippines

After our Mt. Apo Dayhike last year, we promised never to do a dayhike again for any major mountains! But as the quote goes, "promises are made to be broken". So here we go again with another Major-Major Dayhike - Mt. Kalatungan, the 5th highest mountain in the Philippines!